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Sleep bras - A Dream When You Need One
#1 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2011 9:24:34 AM(UTC)

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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to sleep bras. Women want to know if they should wear them, what the benefits might be, and whether they are doing harm to their bodies when they don’t wear them. For women who don’t currently choose support at night, the topic can seem like a nightmare, as women face yet another to-do for their seemingly endless lists. Fortunately, they can sleep peacefully.

According to Elisabeth Dale, author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls and Founder of TheBreastLife.com, there is no medical reason to wear a bra to bed. Women’s delicate Cooper’s Ligaments are critical to keeping breasts lifted, but are not damaged by the pressure of the body during sleep.

Many women suffer from breast pain when they sleep. Others sweat where their breasts meet their bodies. For these women, a sleep bra can be a great ition to their lingerie drawers. Ultimately, the decision to wear a sleep bra is a matter of personal preference and comfort. “No two boobs are alike, even on the same chest,” says Dale. Since there is no medical reason to wear a sleep bra, the decision becomes as unique as each woman’s body.

There are certain points in a woman’s life at which a sleep bra might be more advantageous. Puberty, pregnancy/nursing and menopause represent shifts in breast composition. As these shifts occur, women can experience increased discomfort, and might find that a sleep bra helps them through the transition. Sleep bras are often recommended after breast surgeries to aid in recovery, and any woman should follow the advise of her doctor under those circumstances. But otherwise, the question comes down to a simple one, “What works best for me?”

Once a woman has decided that she would benefit from a sleep bra, it’s a matter of finding the one that works best for her.

With daytime use bras, the characteristics of proper fit are fairly structured, but these don’t apply to the sleep bra. In this decision, it’s ladies choice – what ever feels right, is right.

Sleeptop creates garments specifically for slumber. The tops are designed with extra support on the sides and the tops, to keep breasts in a more upright position, particularly for women who sleep on their backs. When it comes to finding the best nocturnal product, “it’s all about comfort,” says Marguerite Haygood, founder of Sleeptop.

For today’s woman, who is constantly on the go, managing an ever-growing list of health imperatives, the option to focus solely on what feels comfortable is a nice change of pace. Better than nice — it’s dreamy.
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