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Complete Lingerie Buying Guide for Women
#1 Posted : Friday, May 20, 2011 2:35:56 PM(UTC)

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Research first before heading to the store

fly net to see what styles and colors are available in the market. It also helps to understand what “style” this year. Below is a brief description of the commonly found style of sensual lingerie.

corset : slim waist and worn to create cleavage, usually by hanging or cutting back.

bustier : Form fitting top, which looks like a bra, including a long torso. Typically, a strapless, but can also come with removable garters.

Baby Doll : A short (often see-through) dress consists of a bra top that flares just below the bust and attached panty. It is often accompanied with lace trim, ruffles, ribbons and bows. Innocent, but playful.

Chemise : straight or slightly flared dress, which follows the contour of the body.

dress : Long loose flowing robes.

Teddy : Body Suit-like, which includes a shirt and panty in one piece.

Cut Boy / boy shorts / Brazil : panty that sits on the hips and covers most small (usually half) of the butt area. Extremely comfortable, boy shorts / underwear in Brazil is also the favorite games for both men and women.

thong : Underwear style thin material that goes back between the buttocks. This is the best choice if you’re wearing tight pants, they eliminate panty lines.

G-String : Like a thong, but instead of just a band stuff back.

Choose something else that makes you look your best!

You need to understand the pros / cons of different styles out there, and how they can be either suitable or not for you. The goal here is to emphasize your best assets, but their attention from their mistakes. You need to find the best … like the goddess you truly are.

tips on how to choose the correct indicator of body wash, visit this my previous article: http://lingerieangel.wor...the-right-lingerie-for- body style /

third select the right size

Make sure you buy the right size. Do not try to accept anything short of time and you feel and probably look unpleasant. Wearing nothing too loose also be avoided because they affect the lingerie item belongs to you. Be honest with yourself and do not buy it if it is not just the right size, because it is on sale. Chances are you will not be there if it does not fit well. If the item includes a bra, remember that you should usually use the center of the flap and rear-guard. This allows flexibility if you ever put on / off a little bit of weight.

4 Choose the right color (s) for you

While style and size is important, another important factor in color. Most women know what color to make them look fabulous. Matching colors their hair and eye color ensures a great fit. When in doubt, try it. You will soon be able to tell whether you have this color.

tips on what colors suit most women in general, visit this article: http://lingerieangel.wor.../03/10/lingerie-colors/

5 Select material soft to the touch

Try going into substances that are luxurious skin. You are always safe when buying lingerie from silk, satin or velvet, but it does not mean that other materials should not be ignored. Just ensure that the material used in the field of nipples are not too strong, and it is convenient for him.

Here you will find valuable information about other common materials used in sensual lingerie: http://lingerieangel.wor...rie-colors-and-fabrics/


hottest look in town, you can not refuse to buy stock of the latest sexy lingerie outfit her. Stockings and high heels you can look to die. Continue in business and French seamed fishnets stockings men are favorites, and they never go out of style. Not only do they give you a good polished legs end, they seem to turn most men.

7 Take time and enjoy!

Lingerie shopping should be a fun experience. It is still open-minded and dare to try new things. There are tons of sexy options out there … who knows! You can even enjoy a little role-playing. Also try to have started a little lipstick when trying some underwear. This should give a plus to his appearance.

Lingerie shopping should not do when you’re in a hurry. Take the time to try all the things that you think might like it, do not hurry up and buy something if you’re not sure. You do not want to invest a point which is at the bottom of your drawer.
#2 Posted : Sunday, July 10, 2016 5:04:56 PM(UTC)

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7 Valuable Tips for buying sexy lingerie for woman:

1. When you go to buy any lingerie item, you first need to know your size. It is essential to know the correct and accurate measurements. You can do so either at home with a simple measuring tape or get it done professionally by the personnel at a good lingerie store. Correct measurements ensure that what you buy fits you well and compliment your body.

2. It is best to stick with the stuff that you already know suits your style. Though there is nothing wrong with experimenting a little but do not compromise with comfort.

3. Determine your body type to understand what kind of sexy lingerie will look good on it. Buy something that will accentuate your toned legs, arms and sexy curves.

4. You also need to decide on your price range so that you do not over spend on your lingerie. You should know what you can splurge on and on what you can skimp. A good idea is to look for deals and discounts. You may even shop around a few different stores and make the final purchase from the one that gives you quality lingerie at best price.

5. When choosing the sexy lingerie, pay heed to the occasion for which you are buying it. You must buy something that fits the occasion whether it’s your anniversary, a special surprise or you just simply wish to glam up your look.

6. Simply buying and wearing it is not enough. You need to take good care of your sexy lingerie items. Carefully read the tag that gives the information about how that lingerie needs to be washed and dried. Be mindful of sticking to that information. It will make them last long and stay beautiful and sexy.

7. The best thing you can do while buying lingerie is to stock up on the basics. Essential, regular lingerie can be made to look sexy by teaming it up garter belt or other such accessories to spice up things when required. Just use your creativity.

Hope these tips will help you to buying lingerie. If you want to read more about various types of lingerie and their buying guides.

Visit @ http://www.blushbrasandlingerie.com.au/blog/
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