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Lingerie Industry and Social Media
#1 Posted : Wednesday, July 06, 2011 4:07:55 PM(UTC)

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Original article is posted at http://www.grupobetalabs.com.

Experience and time have proven that there are products that can become ictive, and by that we are not referring to illegal substances. Experts from the fashion and beauty industry could confirm this theory based on their sales growth rates for certain products. Products like shoes and lingerie have been known as items that some women simply can not stop buying. Everyone is familiar with the myth of Carrie Bradshaw and her wardrobe full with Manolo Blahnik shoes. While some women love shoes, others simply love lingerie.

As we are specialized in social media, we wanted to see how famous companies across the world have boosted women’s passion for lingerie by using social networks. In the article below, we are going to present how exactly the lingerie industry has decided to use social media as a way to engage deeper with their target audience across the world.

Victoria’s Secret PINK

Victoria’s Secret is an international and famous lingerie brand, and their entrance into social media was welcomed with high enthusiasm by fans who now count almost 3,500, 000 on the official page of the brand on Facebook, plus another 2,500,000 on Victoria’s Secret PINK page.

Victoria’s Secret was an early adopter of social media, so the actions and campaigns the company develops using these tools are proof that the company has had time to figure the field out. The elements featured on the Victoria’s Secret PINK page also demonstrate the fact that the company benefits from a strategic direction regarding their social media activity, as well as the fact that many marketing aspects were incorporated into it. We could state that these were the main elements that drove the success of the company on these channels, and of course, the powerful and solid brand image and positioning of the company.

On their Facebook page, Victoria’s Secret promotes different aspects of their activity. To promote their PINK line the company has founded another page. The Victoria’s Secret PINK page contains a special tab with their special offers, wallpapers and quizzes mentioning the brand, an icon for their Twitter account and other mobile services, plus photos of their latest collections and from their newest events. With Facebook the company has the chance to offer its audience everything that may appeal to them. Judging by the number of fans and reactions the brand is generating, we can not but assume that the company is doing a great job.

For answering and responding to questions, Victoria’s Secret uses Twitter. The company may have adopted this solution because their Facebook page is flooded with comments and also some “unrelated” links and comments. By using Twitter, they have the opportunity to ress questions in a more structured and organized way.

Needless to say, that Victoria’s Secret can be considered an example of how Facebook can be used to interact with users. As we have stated before, the company benefits from a powerful brand image, but the actions it applied have boosted the success on social networks. This company has proved that it is exactly as it claims: a fun and open brand.


Intimissimi is an Italian brand owned by the Calzedonia Group, and is recognized for their comfortable fabrics and the high quality of their products. The brand uses the franchise business model in order to expand. Regarding social media, we have found the official page of the company on Facebook which counts with more than 40,000 fans. Although, the company’s page wasn’t founded until the 20th of April of this year, the fans didn’t take long to appear.

By analyzing the page, we have reached the conclusion that the company is still in a stage in which is trying to figure out social media. Responses to comments are posted in three languages (Italian, English and Spanish), although the majority of the fans are Italian customers. The content the company is sharing is limited and mainly displayed in Italian. The language preference could be due to the fact that the brand is more powerful and known in Italy, which is also their most penetrated mark.

What we have considered interesting in their approach is the fact that the company has installed a “Critics” tab, proving that it welcomes comments even if they are negative, and that it is willing to respond to any complaint a client might have.

Intimissimi still needs to establish a path and a direction for their social media strategy, but initial momentum is more than optimistic.

Etam France

Etam is a French lingerie brand which sells products made of high quality fabrics and designs with a romantic touch. Regarding their social media activity, the brand has established Facebook as a primary channel for communication. Etam sums up more than 10,000 people on their official Facebook page, and develops different actions for these audience in order to bond with it.

For their summer collection the brand is developing a campaign in which fans are invited to create their summer look. Etam has unveiled an application which allows users to create a summer look with Etam’s pieces, share their outfit with friends, gather the highest number of votes and impressions and win a prize offered by the brand. In terms of awareness, this application assures Etam that a high number of people will be exposed to their message since every time a person publishes it on the wall the message is passed along all their friends.

On the Facebook page the company also promotes their special discounts and offers. Etam’s activity on social media is in its initial stage, although the company is making many significant efforts to bond with their audience on social media.

Triumph Portugal

Triumph is a German lingerie company with stores around the world and with almost 8,000 people who follow its activity on Facebook. On this page the brand communicates with its fans in both Spanish and Portuguese, even though the page is titled Triumph Portugal. Across Facebook the brand spreads its message regarding special offers and programs with campaigns such as the Triumph Inspirational Award. The company engages with users by responding to comments and also promotes its latest collections by posting special photo albums.

Trimph is also a company known for its extremely well built website which provides visitors with extensive information about the brand. We consider it is only a matter of time and strategy until the company will incorporate the same level of perfection into its social media activity.

La Perla

La Perla is an international Italian brand with a wide distribution channel which assures the availability of the products in many countries of the world. The company is positioned as a top class lingerie producer and two years ago they were acquired by an American company, which helped the brand in its further growth on the American market.

On Facebook we have found a page that might belong to the company, although we are not sure. The page has more than 11,000 fans, but no interaction in behalf of the brand is present. This might be a sign of the fact that the page is founded by a fan or that the company doesn’t consider social media as a proper means to communicate with their fans.


Regarding social media activity for lingerie companies, Victoria’s Secret has raised the bar really high, so it is going to be really hard to live up to the standards set by it. Other retailers have also identified the potential in social media, so we foresee that major campaigns are going to be developed.

The lingerie market is different from any other because consumers behave differently regarding this specific product. In the majority of the cases, consumers are not rational, although they appreciate the functional benefits of the product. How companies are going to innovate and engage with their audiences on social media is still something we have yet to see. Women are more likely to engage with a brand on social media, as has been shown by recent studies, so this could become a further incentive for companies to jump in the social media train. Regarding social media, the difference between the American and the European brand is important, but we are confident that companies from the Old Continent will find room to innovate in this dynamic field.
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